Wilderness Travel Rules

This campaign will be a hex-crawl. The players will be traveling across a hex-map, mapping as they go, and encountering various dangers during the journey.

These are the rules we’ll be using for wilderness travel. They’re modified versions of the Apes Victorious rules and some stuff from Labyrinth Lord, and the Black Hack.

Humans will normally be able to travel 24 miles a day on foot. They’ll need to rest for 1 out of six days when traveling in the wild.
Movement Type
6-mile Hexes
On Foot
On Horseback
 Travel Modifiers:
Rough, hilly, woods                                        -1/3
Swamp, thick woods/jungle, mountains     -½
Roads, clear terrain                                        +½
Forced March*                                                 +½
*Characters must rest for one day after every day of a forced march.
The party has a resource die for food when traveling. It starts off as a D8. Every time they fail a foraging roll (or fail to forage) they will need to roll the food resource die. If it is a one or two, the die drops one type (d8>d6>d4). After rolling a 1-2 on a D4 the players are out of food.
After two days without food, each player will lose 1 Strength point each day until it reaches 3. At 3, the player dies.
Desert Rules
In wastelands and deep deserts, the players will also need to keep track of water. They will start off with a  d8 resource die for water. They have to roll each day to check how the water supply is holding up. When the die is depleted after D4, they will be out of water. The only way to get water is to find an oasis or other water source. Foraging will not help.
After two days without water, each player will lose 2 Strength points each day until it reaches 3. At 3, the player dies.
Restocking Food
If the players return to the PAX base, or anywhere else that will allow them to stock up on food, they can restock to full D8 level in food and water. To start off, they can refresh up to 10 times until the PAX base is out of food. If the players find a new source of food they can increase this level. If they can find 10 multiple regular sources of food, the base can be self-sufficient, providing infinite refresh. The PAX base already has a permanent water source.
We’ll be using the standard foraging rules in the Apes Victorious rule book (page 48)
Passing through hexes that are radiation can cause damage, based on the level of radiation and time of exposure.
Radiation Level
1 per week
1 per day
1-3 d6
1 per day
1 per turn
4-6 d6
1 per turn
1 per round
7+ d6


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