What is PAX?PaxLogo
PAX is a international organization of scientists and government officials who had believed that human civilization wouldn’t survive the Twentieth Century. They weren’t certain what the nature of the apocalypse would be, or even when it would happen, but they were determined to help humanity survive.
Their plan was to build a series of underground bases, stocked with the tools, equipment, and knowledge to rebuild the world. In each base, several teams of trained volunteers would be cryogenically preserved. When the base computer determined the conditions were right, a team would be awakened. Each base was given a greek letter designation (Gamma, Epsilon, Omicron, etc.). The players in this campaign would be assigned to PAX Gamma.
For reasons of security, each team would not be told where the bases were, or which one they would be placed in.
Pax Base
A PAX base consists of several spherical modules, each designed to resist terrible geological stresses. They each have their own individual atomic power sources, designed to last for millennia. They are connected by flexible corridors, designed to be self sealing if severed.
There are several modules, each with it’s own function:
Cryogenics: This is where the characters will wake up. There are up to thirty cryotubes here (it varies by base). They can wake up any of the others at any time.
Supply: Most of the food supplies & water processing equipment is here. There are also seeds and fertilizer for agriculture if needed.
Medical: With the advanced medicine here, an injured person can gain up 4 hp per day.
Science Labs: With the advanced computer tape libraries here, add -1 to any science rolls.
Vehicles & Heavy Engineering: This is the largest module. It contains several kinds of vehicle – sea, air, and land. They are all atomic powered.
Every base, once activated, sends out a automated radio signal. It can be detected several miles away.
PAX Alpha
The headquarters for the PAX Project. This base would be several times larger than the other bases, containing hundreds of people, and all the supplies, equipment, and information needed to restart a technological civilization.
PAX Mission Objectives:
  • Explore the future Earth, and record all ecological, cultural, and physical changes.
  • Determine the nature of the catastrophe that ended civilization.
  • Assist any survivors in rebuilding civilization.
  • Contact PAX Alpha, or any surviving PAX bases.