City of Domes – Common Knowledge

The following are everyday things that any citizen of the City of Domes would be familiar with.

City, The
Also called the City of Domes. The only known population of humans left in the world, The Domes protect the citizens from the Waste outside.

Feral packs of children that live in the Shell. They are wild, and considered highly dangerous.

Face Shop
A medical facility where automated machines can make any cosmetic changes can be made to a citizen.

A facility that provides various drugs and libations for recreational use. This is where most citizens socialize.

A mythical place of peace and safety. It is rumored that other humans survive there, somewhere outside of the City of Domes. The symbol of Haven is a silver Omega pendant.

A special kind of bullet that Sandmen’s guns can fire. It is attracted to human body heat, and overloads the targets nervous system, causing an agonizing death.

MAXHA (Maximum Happiness Algorithm)
The system. The AI that protects, cares for and loves all citizens.

Palm Flower
Evry citizen has a crystal embedded in their right hand at birth. It changes color every seven years, first yellow (age 0–6), then blue (age 7–13), then red (age 14–20), then blinks red and black on Lastday, and finally turns black at 21

The last day before a citizens 21st birthday. By law, they must report to a Sleep Shop for Satisfying Slumber

Citizens who no longer believe in MAXHA and the laws of the City. They attempt to avoid Lastday and the Sandmen. Some try to flee the city. Some are starting to believe in Haven.

Satisfying Slumber

The domes of the city have multiple layers for safety. There is a maze of scaffolding between them. Packs of wild Cubs live here.

Agents in service of MAXHA. They hunt down all Runners

Sleep Shop
Facilities where citizens report to on their Lastday for Satisfying Slumber

Waste, The
Anything outside of the city. Most citizens believe the outside is poisonous and uninhabitable.

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