City of Domes

Deep within the Forbidden Zone, there is a remnant of the pre-apocalypse society. The City of Domes is a technologically advanced human community protected from the world outside by a series of solid, opaque geodesic domes.

DomesThe people inside live a life of luxury, with all their needs provided for. They have little knowledge or interest in the world outside. They’ve never heard of or encountered Ape society. There is no government, and all decisions are made by intelligent computer systems.

In order to keep the the population stable, the City sets the maximum human lifespan at 21 years. This is enforced by the City’s armed enforcers – the Sandmen.

Most citizens go along with the society, but a few seek to escape. These rebellious few are called Runners. Sandmen ruthlessly hunt down and kill all known runners.

This is obviously based on Logan’s Run, both the book by William F. Nolan and the 1976 movie.  I’ve used bits of both and added some stuff of my own as well.

The City of Domes can serve as both an adventuring location  for players exploring the Forbidden Zone, or as a source for new players – either Runners or disaffected Sandmen.

I’ll be posting a little more detail on the city, including character classes for Runners and Sandmen.




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