Requirements: DEX 10runner
Ability Adjustments: None
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 4 (normally)
Attack As: Astronaut
Save As: Astronaut
Runners may use any weapons and armor.

Runners are citizens of the City of Domes who decide to ignore the laws of the city and try to survive past the age of 21. There is a informal resistance within the city that helps the runners.

All citizens are identified with a first name and a number (Ex. Doyle-7, Kara-10). There are no surnames.

Palm-Flower: All citizens have a flower shaped crystal in the palm of their right hand.The color of the crystal indicated the citizen’s age. The crystal changes color every seven years.  It starts at yellow. It turns blue at age 7, then red at age 14.  On their LastDay (the day before their 21st birthday), it starts blinking black & red. The day a runner turns 21, it turns black.

Move Silently and Hide in Shadows
(As Bonobo)

City Knowledge
Runners will have common knowledge of all institutions and technologies within the city. Everything outside the city is unknown to them.

Maximum Level
Normally, a citizen won’t live long enough to go higher than 4th level. If they survive long enough, they can advance higher.




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