Fictional Inspirations

The following is a list of some of the fictional influences on the campaign. I’ll have links to the more obscure ones. I’m not expecting players watch all (of any) of these, but they do give an idea of the tone we’re trying for.

Planet of the Apes

This is the most obvious one. One of the primary influences will be the 1970’s movies,smostly the first two – Planet of the Apes, and Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Genesis II

A 1973 TV pilot from Gene Roddenberry. A man from the 20th century is frozen and woken up in 2133 after a apocalypse. The idea of a organization called PAX is stolen directly from this.
YouTube Link (Full Movie)     Wikipedia Entry

Planet Earth

This is Roddenberry’s second try at the same concept. This one is probably closest to what the campaign is aiming to be like, with PAX teams exploring and trying to better the world.

YouTube Link (Full Movie)     Wikipedia Entry

Strange New World

Roddenberry’s last attempt at this concept. In this one, the PAX team are astronauts who returned to Earth after a long sleep.

YouTube Link (Full Movie)      Wikipedia Entry

Logan’s Run (1976 Movie)

YouTube Link (Trailer)       Wikipedia Entry

Logan’s Run (TV Series)

YouTube Link (Trailer)       Wikipedia Entry


Youtube Link (Trailer)      Wikipedia Entry

Ark II
Children’s TV show
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