What’s All This? – Campaign Basics

astro02I’ll be running a face to face (in NYC) RPG campaign set in a future post-apocalypse world loosely based on 1970’s science fiction. We’ll be using the game Apes Victorious, an OSR-style RPG from Goblinoid Games. It’s a fairly simple system, similar to old-school D&D. It’s designed to run Planet of the Apes style games. You don’t need any experience to play. Newbies are more than welcome. I’ll be posting material for the players and anyone interested in the game here.

You can get the free PDF version of the game (without the art) at http://goblinoidgames.com/index.php/downloads/.  The actual full-art PDF and paper version are worth buying at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/196062/Apes-Victorious

You’ll play a group of 1970s astronauts, soldiers, and scientists who have volunteered for Project PAX, a benevolent scientific organization dedicated to rebuilding the world after a feared future apocalypse. Their plan was to cryogenically freeze teams of volunteers along with food, supplies and high-tech equipment. After any global disaster, they would re-emerge, and help to rebuild the world, better than it was before. You are one of those teams.

We’ll be running the game in a style of an an old-fashioned hex crawl (What’s a hex crawl?). You’ll be exploring a radically changed environment, and braving strange dangers such as mutant creatures, humanoids, and of course – apes! Players can advance in ability and skill,  and have a chance to change the game world. Experience points, in this game will be granted for discovery and good deeds,  rather than combat.
We’ll be using all sorts of old-school ideas: wandering monsters, encumbrance, resource management. I’ll be posting details as the game progresses.

We’ll be scheduling games through the Manhattan Gamer’s Guild Meetup