The Gun

This is the weapon assigned to all Sandmen in the City of Domes. It is always referred to as “The Gun”. Only Sandmen are authorized to carry them.

sandmangunThe Gun can fire several kinds of ammunition. It normally carries 4 shots of each type. Switching between types of ammunition is a complex process and requires training. Non-Sandmen can fire the weapon, but in order to change ammo types or determine how much ammunition is left, the user will have to figure out how to use the gun as if it were Underdweller technology. (50% + 5% per level for astronauts, %10 +5% per level for Chimpanzee Scholars)

If a untrained user fires the Gun, the AM can randomly determine what kind of ammunition is used.

Ammunition for this weapon can only be found at Sandman facilities within the City.

Ammunition Types

(Normally 4 of each per Gun)

Homer: Homer rounds are self-guiding projectiles that can automatically target a human’s body heat. They have a +3 against any human target, and a -3 against any other living creature (apes included). Light and Moderate cover will have no effect on human targets.  They will do 1d10 damage and target must Save vs. Energy or get an additional 1d10 damage to the target’s nervous system.

If the target is close to another human (if they’re grappling for example), there is a 50% chance the homer will hit the other target.

Rippers: A cloud of fletchettes – treat as shotgun. A trained user can change the range that maximum damage (3d6) occurs at.

Tanglers: This is similar to, but less powerful than the Underdweller webguns. It releases a cloud of plastic strands to ensnare the target. Armor will have no effect. Target must make a save vs. energy to resist or be unable to move for 1d6 turns.

Optional Self-Destruction Rules

The Gun is obviously a powerful weapon. AMs have the option of making the Gun only usable by Sandmen. They will explode (3d6 damage to user) if anyone other than a  registered Sandman tries to fire it.